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What is digital marketing?

The marketing strategy that uses an electronic device to convey promotional messaging and measure its impact is called Digital Marketing. Marketing experts describe it as an impactful yet cost-effective tool of advertising. A typical digital marketing campaign contains online videos, display ads, search engine marketing, paid social ads and social media posts. It is executed to be viewed on platforms like computers, mobile phones, tablets, or other devices. The only electronic device that is marked under traditional marketing is the television.

Insights on the digital marketing mediums

Digital marketing aims to identify the ways through which individual tools or digital channels can convert prospects. Usage of tools or channels depends on what are the services or products that are being promoted? What is the purpose of the campaign? If it is being done to spread awareness, gain followers or get leads? To whom they are targeted? Understanding these factors is important to creating a result-oriented digital marketing plan. Some brands’ digital marketing strategies may use various platforms or focus all their efforts on a single platform. A company may only require using all its content for Facebook & Instagram campaigns because it may not require other digital marketing mediums such as Youtube or email marketing.

For example, if a local chocolate shop decides to go national, their digital marketing campaign would require them to focus on mediums such as Facebook and Instagram, because it’s from these mediums they can come across potential customers, to whom they could sell their products directly. Here, engaging from other mediums such as YouTube or email marketing is not viable initially. As and when the local shop turns into a brand through various branding practices, other mediums could come into the picture.

Why is digital marketing important?

Traditional marketing techniques can also help to boost your business. However, the number of people with access to the internet has skyrocketed, hence, shifting the dimensions of marketing forever. According to a report by Indiatimes, 61% of Indians seemed to engage on the internet in 2021, which was barely 21% in 2017. This drastic change is significant for deciding whether to be involved in traditional marketing or not. Apart from the availability of a massive target audience, digital marketing has a minimal upfront cost, making it a cost-effective and economical method of marketing for small businesses.

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