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Life after Lockdown

The Lockdown resulted out of COVID-19 pandemic has literally locked the revenue of many organisations. But as lord Krishna said ‘This time too shall pass’, we must believe in our strength to rise like a Phoenix. Good times are waiting for us.
How businesses can rise back up when lockdown breathes its last?

1) Even though corona affected us, it did evoke the sense of cleanliness in the masses. Hence after lockdown, people will follow the safety rules like wearing a mask, using sanitizers all the time. Hence the healthcare organisations will boom. These organisations must leverage the power of advertising to raise their businesses.

2) People have become more health-conscious than ever. This scenario would be highly in the favour of insurance companies as people will ensure their health safety through various insurance policies. Hence a great scope of business for such organisations. And with the apt advertising, they can uplift their business.

3) Post Hon. P.M.’s appeal about local brands, it seems that the swadeshi businesses have a great opportunity to get back on track. As a result, global supply chain might get modified enabling India to be in a better position.

4) As movie theatres are still shut, most of the movies are being released on various OTT platforms. This is a prime time where these platforms can gain significant number of cinemagoers to sign up for their portals with right advertising mediums. And a right advertising agency will craft a very catchy and attention-grabbing communication for these OTT platforms to get viewers’ attention.

Such many more business verticals are gradually getting back on track in the view of unlock phase of the corona pandemic. People too are stepping out of their homes with complete precautions. Even government has also eased the situation & lift up many preventions to the certain extent. Now is the time for all businesses to make a great comeback in the market. And to boost up the economy, every business must leverage the ultimate potential of advertising.

Let’s see how businesses can be highly uplifted using advertising tools.

  • As the condition has eased, people are again visiting marketplaces to buy their necessities and advertising through various mediums will help them choose a right product/service in these sensitive times
  • An effective advertising will help businesses to regain not just their momentum but consumers’ trust that will lead businesses to top the market again
  • Since the inter-district travelling is now simplified, people are travelling to places for their respective work or any other reasons. Considering this situation, outdoor media & OOH are getting their prominence back, hoardings, flex boards are again hoisting high on the roads. This is highly in the favour of businesses; they must make the most of it
  • Even newspaper ads are back in the advertising game since newspaper distribution has been resumed in the unlock phase. Since newspaper ads have touted to be the most extensive and effective one, it brought a good business to many organisations. And today, again it is all set to work wonders for businesses from the all layers.              

Last, but not least, Digital Marketing has already become a new lease of life for almost all businesses in these tough times. It has been already prevailed its importance in the past but in the COVID pandemic, Digital Marketing enabled many businesses to survive as has been the most convenient & cost-effective advertising medium that kept businesses up & running.