ZEST Creative



Background: Breeza, a luxurious housing project by Choice Group that boasts of luxurious homes. 

The Task:
The client was looking to getting a great number of bookings, especially from affluent & IT crowd from Pune East.

The Action:
We thoroughly analyzed the client’s TG, and evaluated a very smart communication strategy which was based on tricky insights and bold thought. We came up with a teaser communication, ‘Change your wife’ and ‘Change your husband’. 

The Result:
Teaser hoardings created havoc in the city for about a week. People were intrigued and badly waiting to know what it is all about. Radio &Social Media were also carrying the same excitement all over. The secret was finally out on the launch day when full-page press ads dazzled the city and radio spots kept lingering. The project received a tremendous response. The number of footfalls was overwhelming. In a week, the number of bookings rose to 20+. The campaign got people talking not only in Pune but in Mumbai too. There were articles on Instagram as well.