How To Use Push And Pull Strategies For Effective Marketing
  • October 27, 2023

How To Use Push And Pull Strategies For Effective Marketing?


by Zest

Physical experience affects any customer’s buying decision in more than one way. In a world dominated by online shopping, the impact of physical encounters with products and stores on consumer choices remains strong. This blog tries to understand how consumer behaviour and the physical experience are connected.

What are push marketing strategies?

What are push marketing strategies

Push marketing is a strategy that focuses on ‘pushing’ your products to a specific audience in the market. Its goal is to convey to the customers what you bring to them. One way to push your product is by marketing it online on social media platforms. Push marketing strategies include display ads, billboards, and direct marketing.

What are pull marketing strategies?

What are pull marketing strategies

Pull marketing is a strategy used when you want to ‘pull’ the consumers to your product. The aim is to create loyal customers by providing marketing materials that showcase what they are looking for. Pull marketing strategies include blogs, SEO, and social media marketing.

What is the difference between push and pull marketing?

What is the difference between push and pull marketing

Push marketing can generally lead to quicker sales and is fuelled by what you push to your audience through marketing. Pull marketing begins internally and focuses on building and perfecting the market of your product for new and existing customers.

Which is more effective? Push or pull?

Which is more effective Push or pull

Both push and pull marketing have their merits and the most effective option generally depends on the situation. Push marketing, involving direct promotion to the consumer through advertising and promotions, can be very impactful for new product launches and when immediate sales are expected. On the other hand, pull marketing aims to create brand awareness and attract customers by establishing a brand identity, mostly through social media marketing and SEO. This method helps cultivate long-term customer loyalty and also in organic growth.


To conclude, a combination of both strategies well-tailored to the specific needs of a product or service can optimize the marketing outcomes.