How Does an Experiential Marketing Strongly Influence a Customer’s Buying Decision
  • October 18, 2023

How Does an Experiential Marketing Strongly Influence a Customer’s Buying Decision?


by Zest

Physical experience affects any customer’s buying decision in more than one way. In a world dominated by online shopping, the impact of physical encounters with products and stores on consumer choices remains strong. This blog tries to understand how consumer behaviour and the physical experience are connected.

What is consumer behaviour?

What is consumer behaviour

Consumer behaviour is the study of how people make decision about what they want to buy, if they need it or not, how they want to buy it and from where they want to buy it from. It is important to understand all the factors and patterns in order to understand consumer behaviour and use it to your advantage.

Why is consumer behaviour important in marketing?

Why is consumer behaviour important in marketing

Consumer behaviour is important because it helps you understand exactly what the customers need. It helps you come up with a marketing strategy and implement it. Different brands determine how customers will act based on other products and their marketing and sales. It aids in understanding what influences a customer's decision.

What is a physical experience and what difference does it make?

What is a physical experience and what difference does it make

A physical marketing experience allows direct interaction with potential customers who are interested in your product. This is done through brochures, business cards, product samples, and hoardings. This adds a special touch and makes your customers feel special and noticed, which makes the customers favour your brand.

What is experiential marketing?

What is experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is a process for brands to connect with customers through experiences, such as pop-up stores and virtual events. It is often held in person and includes digital components. It is an effective way to create a unique and memorable brand experience. It delivers surprise and delight for customers. Brands like Decathlon and Bath & Body use experiential marketing as their core branding strategy. They have created a space for customers to physically use their fragmented handwash product. Decathlon has introduced the 'Phygital Experience', an innovative mix of physical retail and digital touch points. It provides a fun, unique, and immersive user experience through virtual reality.

How it amplifies a customer's decision?

Brands that create an impression in the customer’s mind through various physical experiences are the ones that stick in customer’s minds. It makes them trust, like and favour the brand. It influences a customer’s buying decision and leads to an increased customer base.