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Advertising has come a long way…

There was a time when advertising more relied on traditional mediums like newspaper ads, radio ads, television ads, etc. And if you remember those days, people were too had an emotional connection with these ads, brands, products, services. The admen back then used to believe in crafting emotions and not just ads. Some of the oldest ads are so memorable that even today, we clearly remember them, some old ad jingles still play on our lips. The advertising in India has drastically changed since the dawn of the printing press, this was the time when advertising was only treated as just an informative snippet in the newspapers. Progressively, these small informative ads started to catches the attention of people & made them enlighten with the major business potential lying under it.

In the early eighties, advertising agencies in India started to build a brand relationship with their consumers. They introduced the positioning of the brand that touched the core emotions of the people. For instance, the famous Bajaj’s “Hamara Bajaj” campaign from the 90s still feels like it came fresh from the oven, it still reverberates in our memories & minds. The campaign apparently targeted the feeling of nationalism and positioned the brand as the nation’s pride. Such campaigns resulted in creating more loyal masses for brands. These masses carry forwarded & took the brand’s communication to another level and spread the brand’s awareness & popularity to the glocal level.

Soon, advertising started to transcend and bounds on the verge of the evolution of advanced technology. Advertising in India always tends to blend the technology impeccably under the wings of their operation. In its significant voyage, advertising work has gloriously steered uncountable innovative communication in the radius of technology. With the advent of VR and other remote sensing technologies, the advertising agencies in India have played a significant part in the process total makeover of the advertising sector in India.

Over the years the advertising agencies in India have completely transformed and enhanced the real aspect of advertising. This change is nothing but to be a master at reading & understanding the audience mind. The modern advertising has more emphasizes on sowing the essence of the brand in the lifestyle of the general & target audience. The advertising clan has also been successful in developing a certain nature and style which definitely the greatest and comprehensive accomplishment of advertising.

As the diverse digital platforms emerged effectively in the landscape of the Indian market, they reached massively to the extensive range of business categories & masses. These digital mediums made advertising more dynamic with a straight on the face attitude. But at the same time, it has also become creative and artistic than ever and it never ceases to amaze us and grab our eye-balls.

Today, advertising has transcended the point of just talking about the brand’s features, it has spread like a wildfire where it isn’t restricted to any specific territory.

Today’s brands aren’t really bound by any social issue. They are on the verge of breaking the social taboos & believe in conveying what is right for the audience. Advertising has become more of a boldface which takes up every critical aspect of the society and are not embarrassed wee bit while breaking the abiding stereotypes. As the usage & importance of smart-phones has fostered, it made advertising more efficient and effective because of their direct connection with brands potential consumers.

Right from the beginning, advertising has always been the reaction to societies reflection. Advertising agencies have grasped the power of manipulation, leveraging the core & quintessential emotions of their target audience in order to establish brand positioning and image building. At present, advertising agencies in India ruling at a global level, they have conquered today and started to march towards better, brighter and beneficial tomorrow.

By true sense, the advertising world has a come a long way since. It has taken a tremendous leap of change in its glorious journey. It has seen quite a few trendsetting & revolutionary ads, campaigns, ideas aligned with top-notch & advanced advertising mediums have truly brought the new lease of life in the world of advertising.