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A great comfort by Facebook- No more restrictions on Facebook Ad Image content

Digital Marketing has garnered its prestige as the most popular, effective and lucrative marketplace almost all around the globe. Today, every business entity has taken a huge leap of evolution by making the digital landscape an assured home for its business. Various proactive digital marketing media have become prominent points of sales for almost every business. Facebook is such an efficient marketing tool in Digital Marketing. You can reach maximum no of customers using Facebook Ads.

By all means, Facebook ads enable businesses to boost their sale, create awareness of their brand and get consumers engaged. However, Facebook had guidelines which were allowing you to use only 20% of the text content of the ad to place on an image. This was to get people to interact with your ad and boost your brand’s online presence. As people continuously scroll down through Facebook feeds, stories, ads, and to make them pause and act on your Ad was the objective behind allowing only 20% image content on Facebook ads.

This scenario is also adhered by the fact that the human mind is more attentive towards the visuals and catchy short headlines than excessive content. Hence it was quite challenging and hectic for many advertisers to create such ads and convey the brand message precisely in such a small content bracket. Although it was ideal for brands on social media to communicate their offerings in the minimalistic way that led them to upkeep and elevate their online presence. But in the case of several brands, advertisers have faced many issues regarding the content restrictions on the Facebook main ad image due to its extensive length of communication. And because of the nature of a brand, the lengthy communication is inevitable. Although lately, Facebook was allowed to use a lengthy content on Ad, although it had restrained its reach which was not beneficial at all for these brands.

But finally, Facebook has announced not just the new rules but a great news for everyone who’s promoting their brand through Facebook. According to trusted sources, the news has been official that Facebook has now removed the 20% text limit on ad images. This is certainly a great relief for many advertisers. Previously, Facebook featured a Text Overlay Tool that used to check whether your ad is sufficing the 20% content rule or not. But after the new changes are imposed, this tool has been removed by Facebook to adhere to the new change.

Let’s see how this new big change in Facebook policy is effective for brands and advertisers

– Many advertisers and brands now can make the most of Facebook ads without any word restrictions

– Now posts having more than 20% text will have a complete exposure in reaching the same quantity of audience as earlier   

– Now advertisers will get complete creative freedom while writing Facebook ads

– Designing extensive and text heavy ads will now be a piece of cake for advertisers  

– This new regulation will turn out to be a new lease of life for the brands that needed copy heavy communication to be conveyed

– Now you can craft larger stories and campaigns through Facebook ads

This is the best thing for advertisers and brands since sliced bread. And we at Zest Creative always put forth our creative ideas, strategies and valuable endeavours to adopt to every significant change in current trends to add value to our clients.